Big Mouth, Big Changes

Big Mouth is a Netflix Original television show with an aim to expose the trouble adolescents go through during puberty.


Big Mouth focuses on characters Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman, both 12 years old. As they approach the end of middle school, the boys start to notice the changes their bodies are going through. With the show’s exaggerated sense of humor, many viewers find it easier to digest certain uncomfortable topics about growing up.

Sophomore Leighton Costello watched Big Mouth when he was in 8th grade and it helped him deal with puberty.

“I would watch it with my close friends and at the time, it really related to our lives,” Costello said. “We were basically laughing at ourselves because we did some of the things in the show.” 

Unlike Costello, I first watched Big Mouth when I was a freshman. Yet while watching the series, it reminded me of a lot of my struggles from middle school. Similar to some of the characters, it was harder for me to cope with family issues while maintaining friendships in my daily life.

After two successful seasons, the third was released on October 4, 2019, with 10 episodes. Although the support for season three continues, junior Jillian Bautista feels differently. 

“I stopped watching it because it was awkward to watch,” said Bautista. “I [was worried] about others finding me watching the show and then judging me for it.”

Season three primarily brings up crucial subjects such as sexuality, sexism, and toxic masculinity. The show covers educational matters, but certain people are not very fond of the Netflix series due to the content usually being seen as inappropriate. I, on the other hand, have always loved the show. I appreciate the rawness in every scene even though the subtle discomfort never leaves my body. So despite the satire throughout the show, especially in season three, Big Mouth never shies away from serious transitions everyone goes through during puberty.