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Boys Varsity Basketball Faces off Against Grayslake North Knights

The Sequoits played a well-fought game against Grayslake North, but were not able to finish the game strong, with a end score of 40-59.
Antioch Sequoits may have fallen short of the win, but did not go down without a fight against a talented Grayslake North team.

The Antioch Community High School Varsity boys basketball team finished off their 2021 season this week, first playing the Grayslake North Knights. The game was full of surprises for the Sequoits, starting off dominating the court in the first half of the game. Unfortunately, the Knights built themselves back up and were able to come back in the second half. The boys fell short with an ending score of 40 to 59 in favor of the Knights. 


“Jared Wolf made some very good shots when we needed them along with AJ Kutcher’s defense,” senior Jackson Gutke said. “They played a big role in the game and Kobe also started the game off with shooting the ball well and everyone who got in the game had a big role in the game.” 


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There were some key players who played a big role in getting points on the board for the Sequoits, but basketball is a team effort and other players were important in the team’s performance tonight. 


“In the first half, I contributed a decent amount with a bucket in the 1st quarter and some good stops on one of their better players,” freshman Carter Webb said. “In the 4th quarter, our team was getting down on ourselves and I didn’t finish as strong as I started.”


Senior captain Jared Wolf, who was one of the top scoring players in the game last night had some feedback and how he feels his teams performed and what they need to work on in preparation for the final game of the season. 


“I think we need to make sure we keep our energy up throughout the game,” Wolf said. “We have a habit of getting a good lead then relaxing too much and that lets the other team get back in the game when we need to be trying to keep extending the lead.”


With a plan in mind, the Sequoits want to finish off their season strong this year. The Seqouits took on the Grayslake Central Rams at their last game of the season this past Friday. 



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