Breaking Hair Color Stereotypes

There are several stereotypes that coincide with hair color.


There are several hair colors but the basics, brown, blonde, and redhead have been the center of several jokes and stereotypes. Looking back a few years, it is likely to recall hearing “blonde jokes,” but not all blondes are dumb and not all redheads are geniuses. The common misconceptions that go along with these “harmless” jokes are almost as ridiculous as “your mom” jokes.

Redheads are geniuses:

There is a common theory that redheads are naturally smart, but the science does not back it up. Hair color does not play a key factor in determining one’s educational statistics. Those are crafted by the learning environment of the person and their life at home.

“Everyone says they’re super jealous and would ‘kill’ for my hair color,” sophomore Kaitlyn Goldstein said. “I receive constant attention.”

There are, of course, smart redheads, but that fact follows every hair color. To Goldstein, red hair seems to be more of an attention catcher than a prophetical subject.

“Everyone asks if I’m Irish,” Goldstein said.

Brunettes are “average:”

Following right behind redheads are brunettes, known to have cunning skills and intelligence.

“To be honest, I’ve only heard that they’re brainy,” senior Alexis Lucach said.

But brains are not the only thing that brunettes are limited to. Once again, there is more to a person than what their hair color says. Sometimes, people even dye their hair and that sure doesn’t change their personalities. Case closed.

Blondes are dumb:

It is an insulting and very often incorrect stereotype about people with blonde hair. Having blonde hair does not make a person dumb. Their own personality and IQ determines if they are intelligent or not.

“Most often, I hear the phrase ‘blonde moment’ or ‘dumb blonde,’ as if people with blonde hair are less intelligent,” junior Allison Hoffelder said. “I actually used to play to the stereotype for fun and then to flaunt my amazing grades for vindication.”

The stereotype likely started from the old movies starring “dumb blonde” based characters, such as Marilyn Monroe. Regardless, people should not be stereotyped solely based on their hair color, or any physical feature for that matter.


Although, of course, some people fit into all of these categories and just happen to have the corresponding color, but rarely do they fit only one stereotype. Hair color is not a determining factor when it comes to deciphering one’s personality, talents and demeanor. There is so much more to every person than the hair on their head.