Can’t stop the Day train

Diving into how Nick Day leads the Sequoit backfield.


Aubrey Ultsch

Junior Nick Day on the sideline during a home game.

Throughout this season, the main focal point of the Sequoits’ offense has been their dominant inside run; there is one particular player who has been leading the charge in the backfield. 

Junior running back Nick Day has managed to accumulate 84 carries, 619 yards and 11 touchdowns within only five games for the Sequoits, leading the team in all rushing categories. After a solid start to the season, Day has made himself known to everyone standing in the way of the Sequoits. 

It was not an easy road to get here, though. Due to an ankle injury during his freshman year, Day was not able to train much the following off-season; but last year, it was a different story. Head football coach Brian Glashagel has shown only praise for Day and the off-season work he has put in to become the best player he can be.  

Nick Day scoring a touchdown during the ACHS vs. Grant football game in the fall of 2021.

“He came in about 10 or 15 pounds lighter, and he is stronger,” Coach Glashagel said. “All of his testing numbers were way better than they were a year ago, he’s faster, and he’s got incredible balance.”

These physical talents have been put on full display for both opponents and fans to see, but his fellow teammates have been the ones to feel his impact on the field the most. Senior Quade Moll expressed how Day is just as much of an anchor for the Sequoits as he is a threat to their opponents.

“Nick makes it easier because he is a safety [for our offense], we know for sure he gives us two, three or four yards every carry,” Moll said. 

With over 600 yards already to his name and at least four games left in the season, Day has the ability to make the record books in both a single season and all-time rushing yards with another great season next year. Facing such high standards, Day sets the bar for himself just as high.

Nick Day during the 2021 Sequoit Celebration.

“My biggest goal since I started playing football at Antioch was to break the school rushing record,” Day said. “I have a list at my house keeping track of how far I’ve gotten and have to go.”

With half of his high school career still left ahead of him, Day will inevitably leave his mark on the Sequoit record books and cement himself as one of the best players in ACHS history.