Caring is Cool

For most high schoolers, caring about pep rallies or sporting events is the ultimate definition of “uncool.”

Mollie Wagner

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Walking down any hallway in high school, there’s a wide range of dialogue and personality skewed through the narrow walls and cardinal colored floor panels. Conversations range from “I can’t wait for the game on Friday,” or “I wouldn’t be caught dead at a basketball game.” People choose to not support the school because they think it’s stupid, uneventful or just a waste of their time.

“After a long week, [football games have] always been my favorite way to spend a Friday night,” senior Marisa Harris said. “Being such a small school that is so good at everything we do, we could use all the support we can get.”

The reality of this sad truth is things can’t get done if people don’t care. It is proven that athletes do better under the slight stress and severity of every one’s eyes on them. Naturally, the performance is better. Imagine working so hard behind the scenes, for everyone else’s enjoyment, yet the efforts go unnoticed; no one decides to show up because it’s “stupid” and “lame” and “a waste of time.” This is how athletes, administrators and peers feel everyday.

The adults in a high schoolers life are only trying to make these four years the best ones ever. There is no better feeling than dressing up with friends, slathering paint on each others faces and waking up with a scratchy throat and exhausted legs from standing in the fan section.

“My favorite part about every Friday night was jumping and cheering on the Sequoits with my best friends,” senior Kayla Burkhart said. “Sporting events really bring everyone together and it’s really cool to see everyone get so excited about our school.”

People only get out what they put in, make the most of these years.