ACHS honors local veterans

Antioch Community High School honors those who have risked their lives for our freedom.


ACHS community welcomes a veteran of the Marine Corps.

Annually, on Nov. 11, Antioch Community High School and Lakes Community High School alternate between hosting the Veteran’s Day assembly to recognize the veterans who protect our country. For the first time since the pandemic, ACHS was able to host the assembly. Local veterans were invited to attend this event to honor their service.

Social studies department chair Anne Eichman contributed countless hours of dedication in organizing the Veterans Day assembly.

“The band and orchestra play the different military branch theme songs, our choir sings the national anthem, and this year we’ll have two keynote speakers who are former military service members who [each] have a couple of different experiences,” Eichman said. “We’ll [also] have a poem read by [select] seniors. One of the most moving parts is a slideshow of pictures of veterans, who are somehow connected to the ACHS community, set to music.”

Many other teachers were involved in the planning of this year’s assembly; English teacher Samantha Kanya and social studies teachers Emma Craig, Whitney Walsh, Hannah Kramer and Jordan Parrott all put an immense amount of effort into making this day a success.

“My great uncle and grandfather both served in the Korean War. My dad has a lot of passion for the service,” Parrott said. “He passed down that appreciation towards me and my siblings.”

The Veterans Day assembly is a special day for many individuals because it shines a light on those who have served in honor of our country.

“I always volunteer to help because my husband is a veteran,” Kanya said. “He served four years in the Marine Corps. I know all of the things that he went through in his time and the sacrifices that he made, so I always want to be a part of celebrating veterans in any way that I can because I know that they do so much.”

The veterans themselves have dedicated their time to protecting the nation and ensuring that all families are safe and sound.

Prior to the assembly, the veterans were able to enjoy breakfast in the auxiliary gym. During this time, they greeted each other to share their stories.

“I was on active duty for four and a half years, from Nov. 1964 to April 1969,” keynote speaker Allen Lynch said. “I [then] spent 21 years in the guard reserve program.”

Each veteran carries different experiences, although each is represented during the celebration; during the assembly, we honor those of all branches. The scouts displayed the presentation of colors to honor those who served. Along with the ACHS choir, band and orchestra playing the national anthem as well as the hymns of each branch.

A poem read by seniors Brant Becker and Caroline Hasik was read to the audience, as well as the help from student emcees: seniors Braxton Schieler, Justin Pedersen and junior Madison Eul. Lynch and Seth Williams, were veteran keynote speakers for this year’s assembly; each of them gave a detailed speech about leadership and how our generation can continue our freedom over the years to come.

“Veteran’s Day is to honor us for what we did; we’ve given up a lot of [time] and risked our lives,’’ veteran James Jones said.

Recognizing our veterans on this day reminds us not to forget all that they have sacrificed to ensure safety and protect rights. ACHS gives a big thank you to our veterans for their memorable acts and honorable service.