Cheerleading Looks to Take the Podium

Following the first day of state, the cheerleading team hopes to make it all the way to the podium for the second year in a row.

As the first day of the IHSA state finals concludes, the Sequoit cheerleading team is moving on to the second day of state.

At the start of day one, the team was very excited to compete and show that they deserved a spot at state. The team is proud of what they put out on the mat and are getting prepared for day two.

“The team was very focused on what we had to get done,” junior Jadda Pope said. “We stayed humble knowing that we made it to state. Everyone was really confident throughout.”

As the Sequoits performed, their energy levels were high and the routine was executed well. Despite a stunt fall in the pyramid, the routine was still strong and allowed the Sequoits to place in the top ten of the medium division for the second day.

Going into day two with a powerful performance, the Sequoits hope to be on the podium for the second year in a row.

“All of us are super excited for day two especially knowing our ranking,” senior Rebecca Bargamian said. “It still doesn’t feel real, but we can’t wait to kill it again tomorrow.”

The Sequoits will be going on at 12:05 pm on February 2 to complete for the state title and to prove that their story isn’t over.