Unbreakable Bonds

Sports bring together many friendships that will last a lifetime. Bonding between a sport people love creates something special between teammates.


Kyle Miller

Some of peoples’ closest friends in their lifetime are the ones met through their sports teams.

Athletics can bring together friendships like no other. Bonding over something athletes love is one of the best feelings for many people. When it comes to sports, both coaches and athletes can come together within the hard work, dedication and determination they put into the team. Making friends within a sports team can lead to amazing bonds outside of practices and games.


“Having that one person in your sport you can always count on at practice or games just makes the friendship itself different, especially when the bond goes from just in practice to outside of practice as well,” senior Isabella DeMartini said.


Different grade levels and different friend groups are usually out of the picture when it comes to sports. Everyone on a team has at least one thing in common: the love for the sport.  Seeing a team work hard together and strive to be the best can create different types of connections. 


“I feel like friendships on a sports team are more consistent because we are always together,” sophomore Aaliyah Lizak said. “Sports have given me friendships that allow me to typically have common interests with others. This allows us to have things to talk about. I don’t think I would have met some of the people I did since we are not in the same grade and sports have allowed me to do so.”


Whether these sports are within your school or a club sport, partnership is commonly guaranteed between teammates.


“I honestly don’t think that I would have made the friendships I have without sports,” senior Kaitlyn Holmes said. “With my club soccer team, many of us are from different schools and through sports we all come together and forget about the differences. These friendships are very different, special and unlike many other ones I have.”

Coming together from a common love and creating special bonds is something that can be rewarding to many. These friendships can last forever. Sports can lead to lifelong bonds that some people will never forget.