Sports Expectations Shift Due to COVID-19

Many Freshman look forward to playing sports in high school; although, sports aren’t exactly what they expected.


Grace Acello

Whether freshman athletes received a season while masking up, or could only dream about playing, these freshmen were surprised by what came to them.

When the school year begins, many students are eager to begin their sports season. Although, due to COVID-19, many students’ hopes of playing a normal season were not met. This year, some athletes’ sports dreams may not meet the ideas they had. 


“I was really excited to play games in high school,” freshman Dean Brewer said. “Unfortunately, this year it isn’t as exciting as I expected it to be. COVID-19 made basketball to be not as fun as I wanted it to be so far and not having my parents be able to come to my games and them having to watch my games on a live video is really weird.”


Due to COVID-19, this year parents and fans are not allowed to attend many sporting events, basketball being one of them. Some players thrive off of the crowd and that is where they get their energy from. Not having parents and fans allowed at games may make it harder for the players to perform to their best ability.


“I didn’t think we would even have sports this year,” freshman Joel Bulka said. “It was a good surprise to even be able to play even though our season is going to be really short.”


Many athletes were not expecting to be able to play sports at all this year. Being able to play, even in a short season, is better than being able to play at all in many athletes eyes. A short season is not what many freshman athletes expected but yet many will take what they can get. 


“Having to wear masks during games is a pain,” freshman Macie Volkmar said. “They are hard to play with and I also get tired a lot easier and game play is a lot harder.”


Most athletes would love to play a full season and are excited for what the upcoming season has to offer.