Childhood Stars: Then vs. Now

As time passes and television shows end, the celebrities may change.


Lena De Vore

A few shows that kids may have watched growing up.

As the years have gone on, looking back at the childhood shows of our generation, it seems that every child was watching the same shows; the majority of the shows were not gender targeted. 

“I wonder where some of the people in ‘Hannah Montana’ are right now,” sophomore Kaitlyn Bargamian said. “In the show they were teenagers, so I wonder what they are doing [that they are all older].”

Growing up in the spotlight is difficult. It seems as if most Disney and Nickelodeon stars completely change once their shows end. For example, Miley Cyrus, mostly known for her role as Miley in “Hannah Montana,” turned around her acting career after the show terminated. Once her show ended, her innocent personality turned to be more rebellious and extravagant. It seems that that is the case for a lot of young celebrity stars.

However, some stars do not have such a dramatic change. Some celebrities just need to find themselves, which can be hard when they start young in the industry. Cole Sprouse, who starred in “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” went to college to find himself. He realized he had an interest in photography and is now a star on the popular teen TV series, “Riverdale.”

“I think that Disney and Nickelodeon shows are okay now; they aren’t as good as they used to be,” sophomore Amber Carson said. “They used to have meanings behind every episode, but now I feel that they are just going through the motions.”

The words “where are they now?” come to mind for most when thinking about their favorite childhood TV stars.

Most will remember her from staring on the show “iCarly:” Miranda Cosgrove. Cosgrove has now gone to college at University of Southern California and is still acting. Although her acting career isn’t as fast paced as it used to be, she has stated that she wants to focus on herself.

Another show that always gave a good laugh was “Drake and Josh,” but what happened to Drake Bell? Recently after the show ended, Bell got into some trouble, but has now turned his life around, has a few albums out and was the voice of Peter Parker in the animated series, “Ultimate Spider-Man.”

Lastly, what about the show that did not come back for a season five, the students who went to PCA: “Zoey 101?” After the show ended, where did the main character, Jamie Lynn Spears end up? Spears is now a mother of two, which is the main reason why the show ended; she married and moved to Nashville to pursue a career in singing and song-writing.

Some stars may have already hit their peak and are done acting, while others are just now rising. As time passes and shows end, celebrities are changing.