Coach Jim White Sr. – Impact on Basketball

Coach Jim White Sr. dedicates his time to provide a helping hand for all those in the basketball program on and off the court.


In the Sequoit basketball program, head coach Jim White leads all aspects of ‘team basketball’. His coaching ability rubs off on his players, allowing them to grow in all aspects of the sport. Evidently, this very work ethic quite possibly came directly from his father, coach Jim White Sr. Coach White Sr. is known to the boys in the basketball program as a very positive and influential role model.

Although he does not attend many Varsity practices due to outside obligations, his main contributions are shown during the course of games. Throughout many of the past seasons, White Sr. has sat at the front of the bench to give instructions as players sub in and out of the game. He provides words of encouragement and advice, which does nothing but good when other coaches are occupied.

This season, White Sr. has fulfilled a new role by guiding his efforts to the freshmen level. Many upperclassmen are quick to remind the freshmen class of how lucky they are to not only have a basketball coach, but a quality mentor as well.

“He is straight forward when you need advice and is very truthful and forgiving,” junior Andrew Hare said. “As a team we are all excited to see him every time he walks through the doors and we are glad to have him watch and help us as a team.”