Creating Remarkable Pumpkins

One of the most traditional and festive fall activity is carving pumpkins, but carving the same old jack-o-lantern can be boring and tricky.

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Creating Remarkable Pumpkins

Use cookie cutters to get a perfect shape in your pumpkin. To get the best results, use a metal cookie cutter and use a hammer to cut the shape out. This makes a really cute clean design without all the work and worry of sharp knifes.

According to 365ish Days Of Pinterest, pumpkins last much longer by putting them in a bath of water and bleach for about ten minutes. This will kill all bacteria and allow decorative pumpkins to last longer.

Put chalkboard paint on the pumpkin to write spooky messages for Halloween or paint the pumpkin using acrylic paint.pumpkin-storyChloe Grass

Place tape on the shape of the desired design on the pumpkin and spray paint the entire pumpkin. Then, dry-peel the tape off. According to Bargain Babe, applying a layer of varnish or sealer on the pumpkin prior to painting will make painting the pumpkin easier and last longer.

“My favorite part about decorating pumpkins is seeing the finished product and eating the pumpkin seeds afterwards,” said junior Brianna Vettese.

pumpkin-story2Chloe Grass

The ultimate easy and super creative pumpkin decoration uses only tights with fun designs. Just place the pumpkin in the tights and add a cute bow on top to hide the stump. This can be done in a short amount of time with no mess, and these pumpkins end up looking really elegant and sweet.