Cross Country Seeks Redemption

Teams plan to run for state placement and growth.

The boys and girls cross country team are looking to have a fantastic season this year. Their hopes are high and so are the goals they have set for milestones this season. The assistant coach, Ryan Hlinak,  has a lot of expectations for his runners this year.

“I hope our boys team wins conference and [I’d] love to see if they can make it downstate as a team,” Hlinak said. “For the girls, hopefully, we can get an individual downstate or at least get our team to qualify for sectionals.”

Returning from an outstanding performance last year, senior Charlie Smith, who placed fourth at the State Championship, is currently dealing with an injury. But he isn’t going to let that stop him from dominating the competition this year and reaching the goals he has set for himself, as well as his teammates.

“My number one goal this year is to qualify for the state meet as a team,” Smith said. “I believe Antioch has never had a cross country team qualify and I would love to be a part of the first.”

Smith has been spending time to ensure his recovery will be a speedy one. He has been spending this time so he can return and lead his team to the next level, and make history for all the Sequoits back home.

“To overcome my injury I do a lot of recovery techniques,” Smith Said. “I have learned a lot about my body through this process and have realized that it doesn’t take me a whole lot to get back into good shape.”

Forming an all-conference, state-qualifying team may not be an easy road for the Seqouits, but with a strong sense of attitude and a hard-working mentality, this year for the boys cross country team could be something special.

On the girl’s side of things, some of the athletes have high hopes and expectations for what they can accomplish this year. Along with the coach having a good feeling, junior Amber Carson has set up some goals for herself, as well as her team.

“This year for cross country, I would really like to move forward as a team,” Carson said. “We all get along and I love how close we are, but improving is best when you have a team that works together.”

With high expectations from their coaches and individual goals driving the boys and girls, there is a lot of potential and room for great things to come out of both sides of the team this season.