The Sequoits Win on Senior Night

Boys varsity soccer celebrates their four seniors in their last home game.


Cassidy Thomas

Senior captain Adam Lynn hugs his mom on senior night.

The boys varsity soccer team faced off against Marian Central on senior night at Antioch. Senior night was a time for the seniors on the soccer team to get the recognition they deserve, as well as lead the team to a win against Marian Central.

Junior Lukas Gutke and senior Adam Lynn each had an assist and aided in the Sequoits win. It was a close game, but the Sequoits were able to take home a victory with a win 3-2, with notable performances from Lynn, senior Merrick Foote, and sophomore Brock Jurinek who all scored goals for the Sequoits.

“I was glad to see two of our seniors score in their last home game as a Sequoit,” Jurinek said. “They all played their hearts out and hopefully we can continue with the momentum as the season starts to end. I hope we will continue to grow as a team which will lead to more wins. Winning is going to be the only thing keeping us playing.”

With the high hopes of Jurinek and the drive to win, the boys soccer team looks to be heading in the right direction. Junior Elijah Ruano also had an amazing game on defense and was happy to play with the seniors on their home field one last time.

“We tried our hardest to push through these obstacles and we succeeded by getting two more goals throughout the half,” Ruano said. “Our team managed to hold them off and we came out with a 3-2 win by the end of the night.”

With the win the Sequoits had gotten that night, they have confidence going into their next game. With the momentum from last nights electrifying win, the Sequoits will play against Wauconda on October 10 at Wauconda.