Hard Work Pays Off

Being a leader is something that a lot of kids in high school don’t know about, but Basovsky does and is ready to take on the role.


Basovsky paying close attention to the play.

Sophomore Cody Basovsky has played soccer his whole life and he has worked hard to get where he is at today. Even though Basovsky is not on the varsity soccer team, he keeps working hard to get better. Before games, Basovsky likes to think about certain things. These things consist of telling himself that it’s OK if he messes up a play and that he can do better the next play. Basovsky and the rest of the team set certain goals for the season, some being personal goals and others being team goals. 

“Our goals for this season is probably to do good in conference,” Basovsky said. “My individual goal is to improve on everything. I can accomplish my individual goals by practicing on the things that need to be majorly improved for me.” 

Basovsky struggled at the beginning of the year because of new kids being on the team that he didn’t know of. In some of the games that they have played, they have come close to winning, but because the teams chemistry isn’t the best, they couldn’t pull it together to win the game. Although the team doesn’t have great chemistry, they still think Basovsky is a hard worker. 

“I think he puts in a lot of work to help and improve other players skills on the team,” sophomore Camilo Carillo Rodriguez said

At practices and games, there is always a certain atmosphere, and that is for any sport out there. Soccer especially has a certain atmosphere, and that is because it is challenging and it requires a lot of skill. 

“The atmosphere at practice can be a little too fun or a little too serious, and at games we like to get into a good state of mind so we can play our best in the game,” said Basovsky.

Basovsky is a team player, he goes to practices and games, and is always working as hard as he can. He is always doing so much to help other people get better and better each day. Being a team player is very important to Basovsky because he likes being able to help people.

“He always comes to practice, never skips and comes to practice to get better for himself and for the team,” sophomore Carlos Mendez said.

Basovsky plays soccer year round; after the high school season he is on a club team. In the winter he tries as hard as he can to get outside and practice his skills and Basovsky dreams of playing soccer in college. He thinks he can do it by working as hard as he can. 

“Well for me there isn’t an off season because right after the school season is my club soccer season,” Basovsky said. “I could see myself playing soccer in college, but it comes down to how much effort I am willing to put in to it.”

Basovsky also dreams of getting better, he believes that no athlete should think that at a certain point in their career that they are at their best. He is always hoping to get better and that is why he works as hard as he does to get better. 

“One of my dreams in soccer is to keep improving, there should never be a point in any athletes career where they think that they are at their best because their is always something to improve on,” Basovsky said.

Basovsky has been a hard worker his whole life, especially when it comes to being better at soccer. Since he started to play he has been working and training to improve on his skills and learn skills that he can share with others.