CrossFit Keeps Physical Best Students Motivated

Physical Best gym classes incorporate the popular workout CrossFit into routines.


Junior Ryan Monaco lifting on the weight deck during crossfit.

At Antioch Community High School, Physical Best gym classes decided to shake up their weekly lifting routine. On Tuesday, Nov. 4, all Physical Best classes were taught several different circuits and tried out the popular workout craze known as CrossFit throughout the week.

“CrossFit is a series of functional exercises to cardiovascular, endurance and muscular strength.  These workouts are done in circuits,” said Department Chair of Physical Education Teri Klobnak.

Both girls’ and boys’ physical best classes participated in the new workout, and many liked the new change compared to their typical core and supplement lifts.

“I liked it [CrossFit] because there was a lot of variety and different stuff to do. I’ve been in physical best for three years and we do a lot of the same lifts and it was a nice change,” said senior Bella Hoffman. “I like how it is short, quick bursts of different exercises.”

Klobnak hopes to work CrossFit into the Physical Best weekly routine to keep the students fit and motivated.

“Last spring, after my seniors were out of my Physical Best class, I developed circuit training workouts to not allow boredom to overtake the sophomores and juniors,” said Klobnak. “After starting to see some boredom set in about 10 weeks into the semester, I researched many CrossFit exercises and presented it to other Physical Best teachers and asked them if they would be interested in trying a week with our classes. We all brainstormed different exercises and put together three different workouts.”