Dairy Queen is dipping into a new season

After being temporarily closed for the winter months, Dairy Queen in downtown Antioch is back in business.


Ava Yeager

Antioch Dairy Queen,has reopened for business.

Antioch Dairy Queen has been a local favorite for years; it is among the most popular spots to get a sweet treat in the summer and usually has a line out the door. On March 2, the shop reopened for business.

Most Dairy Queen locations across the country stay open year-round, but the Antioch location closes down during the coldest months of the year. The owners, Kent and Ginger Ipsen, do this for a specific reason.

“Closing down during the winter benefits the shop because it saves money when no one wants to come in for ice cream because of cold weather,” Dairy Queen employee Elle Ipsen said.

Since opening day, many Sequoits have been seen working, or enjoying ice cream at the shop. People have been eager for a Dairy Queen treat since its closing last November.

Along with its delicious treats, Dairy Queen has a very healthy work environment. They allow members of their staff to have flexible schedules and are always helping each other out.

“My favorite thing about the Antioch Dairy Queen is how helpful the crew is if you need a shift covered or switched,” Dairy Queen employee Quinn Pluciennik said.

Additionally, the employees always have unique, non-traditional flavor recommendations for customers. Dairy Queen employee, Taylor Stewart, shared her favorite non-traditional order to recommend to customers.

“My favorite non-traditional order is a Royal Ultimate Chocolate Brownie Blizzard with caramel in the middle instead of cold fudge,” Stewart said.

All blizzards and treats can be customized to a customer’s liking. Customers can add more toppings, take them out, or completely customize something not on the menu. Ipsen’s favorite twist on a traditional blizzard is the “S’moreo.”

“To order a S’moreo you would ask for a S’mores blizzard, but instead of adding chocolate chunks ask for Oreos,” Ipsen said.

Whether it is a blizzard, sundae or cone, the options are endless. The shop is currently open from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m., so make sure to stop by and experiment with different flavors and combinations.