Democratic Debate 2015


Clay Vesser

2015 Democratic Debate

Put together by Facebook, hosted live by CNN and even broadcast via snapchat live update, it would have been hard for anyone to not know of the Democratic Primary Debate that took place on Oct. 15. 

The debate started out with an opening statement from each nominee, including Lincoln Chafee, Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders and Jim Webb. Each candidate put forth his or her own personal thoughts and statements. After their brief two-minute introductions, the debating started.

It is hard not to deny the moderator Anderson Cooper had his focus on Clinton and Sanders, but the program kept all participants in the spotlight. They started the night with talking about the widely debated topic of gun control, then moved onto other topics such as Syria and the ISIS problem, America’s foreign policy, the wage gap and many important topics for any presidential candidate.

The night was an important one for the Democrats who are running for the Presidential office. It was the first of six debates for the Democratic Party. These debates will influence primary voters, who determine who will be the Democratic nominee and who might even decide the next president.