Digging Underneath the Trip

Whether new generations realize it or not, the prevalence of popular drugs has hit the teen scene with full impact.


From popular American rapper Lil Xan to the various hit songs about drugs in the media, cocaine and Xanax have become numb to the ears of teens nationwide. The presence of narcotics in lyrics, social media and television is frequently used to subversively convey messages to America’s youth. Senior Davis Hampson notices the bigger issue with cocaine and Xanax.

“There was a death among one of the frequent rappers in todays scene, Lil Peep, and even a rapper now, Lil Xan,” Hampson said. “I think it definitely adds this kind of romanticism around Xanax and Coke.”

The short-lived highs and lows that come with those mind-altering substances are highlighting the art and music of the 21st century. The idea of beauty around dangerous hallucinogens is becoming intriguing to new generations.

“I feel like the ways humans work we always want to deviate from the norms and with that I think it’s not exactly how people are raised that makes them want to try drugs, but society in general in this age in time, people are always wanting to try new things,” Hampson said.

There is also concern over other forms of drugs heard of in school. For junior Fernando Candia, there is a more pressing issue of nicotine.

“The only [drugs] I’ve heard of being used in the school technically is nicotine,” Candia said. “I know in other schools there are issues such as cocaine use and steroids use.”

Feeling dazed and confused has started to become more important than health and wellness to the youth population. The promotion of Xanax and cocaine has become normalized in the American culture, which is a dangerous trend for all involved.