Diving into 2019 Fall Fashion Trends

The transition between summer and fall brings new fashion trends for 2019.


Izana Nordhaus

Sophomore Autumn RIzzo is wearing a black jumpsuit with a plaid tank top.

Fall has just begun and various fashion trends are on the rise. The change of seasons brings new patterns, colors and styles that can help switch up one’s wardrobe.

Fashion trends that were considerably popular in the summer, such as hair scrunchies, neon colors and animal prints are seeping into the fall season. Fashion staples are being brought back from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, along with a few other trends. English teacher Kelly Taylor noticed numerous fashion trends at Antioch Community High School.

“It started a year or so ago, maybe two, where we started to see ‘90s fashion creep in and now it’s like full fledged,” Taylor said. 

 One fashion trend that is common at ACHS is vintage clothing. Many people in the halls are adorned with oversized sweaters, turtlenecks, Doc Martens and windbreakers. Sophomore Joaquin Barba follows the vintage trend.

 “I’m reusing a lot of [clothes], so it’s a lot of thrifting,” Barba said. “It’s really easy to put a good outfit [together] that fits in with what everyone else is wearing now for cheaper.” 

In addition to vintage clothes, the popular color palette this season has been jewel tones: dark shades of red, blue, green, yellow and purple. Clothing materials like leather and corduroy have also taken over fall 2019. 

This season’s trendy prints are: camouflage, stripes and plaid. Plaid can especially be seen on many women’s skirts, trousers and jackets. Camouflage prints and stripes are popular among both men and women. 

Many of these fall trends are repetitive of last year’s fashion; the fashion trends at ACHS seem to be consistent.   

“I’ve noticed that Antioch doesn’t change the trends that often,” senior Stephanie Luc said. “We’re mostly in school so no one really wants to wear something trendy.”

These fall fashion trends can be good ideas for anyone who is looking for inspiration.