Donald Trump releases “Truth Social”

Donald Trump’s social media app has a long waiting list of people who are wanting to join.


Ariana Nikolov

Donald Trump comes out with Truth Social. A new social media app similar to twitter that is surfacing with popularity for adults.

Social media is a way for others to share what they are doing and to keep in touch with the world. While there are many social media apps that have been around for a long time, Donald Trump decided to start a new one.

Recently, Donald Trump had decided to create his own app called Truth Social.

According to Apps.Apple, Truth Social is meant to be a place for people to speak up and be heard. The app is open to everyone’s different opinions and views.

Truth Social is very similar to Twitter’s format and looks; for many users, it will not be too difficult to adapt to. Despite its similarities, Truth Social is different in its own ways. While Twitter is open to younger ages, Trump’s app requires users to be 18 years or older for content purposes.

Even before the app was released, it had a large audience. Before and after the launch, the app had a high demand of users who had pre-ordered it, as well as people who tried to join right at the drop, then were added to a waitlist.

It is said that the app’s goal is to share information with the world. The posts and reposts are called truths and re-truths. The aim was to make people feel more connected through the use of this terminology.

According to pcmag, Trump has officially posted on the app himself. He released a photo and a caption for a status update. 

Ever since the release of the app, which was in February of 2022, there has been a long waitlist of people who are eager to join the app and start sharing their “truths.” Similar to most apps, there are still bug fixes that need to be worked out and resolved but that is not stopping people from wanting to join.

“I hope to see more positive posts of people interacting and giving back to the community,” senior Samantha Kempf said. “As well as more fun and happy things in general.”

Many people hope to see social media as a judgment-free zone and a place with uplifting posts. Hopefully, that is what people may be able to find on this new app.

Truth Social is a very new app. Since it is not too different from other forms of social media, it may not be as hard for interested parties to adjust to.