EDITOR’S NOTE: Communication: the Key to Success

Communication within the Tom Tom and throughout ACHS plays a vital role in everything we do.

Communication. This 13-letter word is arguably the most vital part of what we do as the Tom Tom staff. Without communication, there would be no ease, just confusion. There would be no relationships, just meaningless acquaintances. There would be no publication, just a scramble of words and graphics printed onto paper that we call the Tom Tom. This simple word is so important to us as a staff and as a family that it is the feature of our April issue.

Communication within our staff is shaped like a pyramid; information travels from our adviser Mr. Johnson to us, then to assignment editors, and finally to the rest of the staff. For example, staff members communicate with their editors to ensure that their stories are published on time. When they are unable to do so, deadlines are missed, stories go up late and editors are disappointed. Additionally, teamwork and communication go hand in hand; with a simple request, journalists are there to help one another with tasks such as photo shoots and interviews. Communication is the foundation of improving staff members’ journalistic skills. Being able to speak freely to one another is very beneficial and opens the door for constructive criticism within the Tom Tom, which in turn creates a better publication.

Similar to how individuals need constructive criticism, the Tom Tom as a whole needs it as well. We as a staff truly appreciate the communication and feedback from other students, faculty and community members. Advice makes us grow not only as a publication but also individually. It is vital to our success that we consider the opinions of others; without the viewpoints of Antioch Community High School students and staff, we would not have the opportunity to share our stories with our readers. Additionally, the viewpoints of credible and professional journalists and editors, such as Esquire editor-at-large Mike Sager, help to expand our journalism knowledge. We are very appreciative of the open communication between our staff and the public.

The Tom Tom is the voice of ACHS, meaning we communicate the latest news, lifestyles, sports and features to staff, students and community members. We are a source of communication.

The Tom Tom is proud to announce Nicholas Dorosan as the 2015-2016 editor-in-chief. He will be the leader of a strong executive team, including Madison Paddock as the managing editor, Nathan Borries as the senior editor, Kristina Esdale as the print director, Madelynn Soberano as the digital director, Grant Haider as the creative director and Nathan Formella as the advertising director. The seniors will graduate knowing the Tom Tom is in more than capable hands.


I am very proud of all the effort you have put into the magazine and staff this year. Towards the end of the year, you really stepped up when others did not, and I know you are more than well prepared for your role as editor-in-chief. With your natural leadership skills and energy, I know you will be successful in everything you do, whether it be football or the Tom Tom. Congratulations, enjoy your role as EIC and all of the memories that come with the experience!