Emmons Celebrates 175th Anniversary

Emmons School is hitting it's 175th Anniversary and is looking forward to having a great school year.


Patrick Sheehan

The original Emmons school house built and established almost 175 years ago. This school originally had two classrooms and held about 24 people. There were only two teachers, meaning there was only one per class.

Starting this year, Emmons Elementary School hit its 175th anniversary. The school originally opened in 1844 with only one classroom. That classroom is now where the library is, and it is still used everyday. While Emmons grew as a school they added additions year after year until it was built to full strength with a 1.5 million dollar addition. Emmons has always focused on the Raider ‘RRRS’, how to be respectful, responsible, ready and safe. Lisa Jones, One of Emmons’ math and science teachers, does not forget the Raider ‘RRRS’. This is Jones’ tenth year at the school and she has many goals for this school year.

¨[I want] to be the best teacher I can be,” Jones said. ¨I also want to help my students meet their learning goals for the year.”

While this is Emmons’ 175th anniversary, Jones is not just focused on the school year, but is also focused on her upcoming years at Emmons as well.

“I hope it will be amazing,” Jones said. “We are heading in the right direction with new leadership in our building. I hope we can remain focused on quality curriculum and instruction, as well as great after school programs for our students.”

While Jones keeps working hard every day, another great and focused middle school teacher at Emmons is Sydney Ryan. Ryan is a 15 year library media specialist who has a lot of knowledge over her years at Emmons. 

“I think we take pride in our school culture,” Ryan said. “Going to Emmons for nine years with small classes is a unique experience.”

Jones and Ryan are both excited for their upcoming year, and hope to help as many students as they can.  They are ready to work with the class of 2020. Emmons is ready to have a great year and is hoping they keep growing as a school and as a community for the future.