Fall Favorites

As summer changes into fall like the leaves, so do the activities students enjoy.


Fall- the leaves on the trees change, the air gets crisper and the fall festivities begin.


Bonfires are a fun fall activity that is enjoyed by many. They are a great way to warm up during the cold nights and they bring everyone together.

“I love going to bonfires. It is something to do during the weekend when it’s too cold to do other things,” senior Ryan Glassman said.


The bright red and golden yellow leaves gives a perfect backdrop to take photos against.

“The trees make any color you’re wearing pop,” sophomore Mckayla Johnson said. “Forest preserves and nature trails fill up with eager subjects to fulfill their fall needs. You also have cute fall props like leaves and pumpkins.”


Bring on the flannels, scarves and boots. The colder months like autumn and winter tend to bring out these fall classics. The natural color scheme brings out the greens, browns and reds just like the fall leaves.

“I love wearing flannels,” sophomore Sara Jilly said. “You can wear them by themselves or layer them; they’re super versatile.” 


Thanksgiving is tied to the fall weather and it is prioritized by many people. This time of year focuses on being thankful for what one has, no matter how little or how much. According to different polls on Buzzfeed, the key topics people are thankful for include friends, family, support and opportunity.