While the new Star Wars movie hits theatre this weekend, fans get ready for the ninth installment of what might be the biggest movie franchise ever.




From the first production of Star Wars up to the one which is scheduled to premiere this weekend, the franchise has made over $37 billion. Up until the first release of the original Star Wars movie, E.T. was the highest paid movie to ever be released in the United States.

Fans everywhere have been waiting for the next installment of Star Wars ever since the company made its comeback movie in 2015.

For some Sequoits, Star Wars has become a part of their culture. For junior Jacob Leitza, he impatiently awaits the weekend.

“I’m really interested in how they kill off Princess Leia, a move they had planned earlier,” Leitza said.

Leitza has been watching Star Wars since he was a little boy and it has become a part of his childhood.

“My favorite Star Wars movie has to be Return of the Jedi,” Leitza said. “It’s the most interesting and action packed.”

Fans everywhere have been preparing for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The fan base is so enormous, that the franchise has done little to no promoting for its upcoming movie.

For those who aren’t necessarily a Star Wars fan, try something different. Take a couple friends and enjoy what could possibly be a great night of fun and adventure.