Finesse: Art & Literary Magazine

From poetry and art to music compositions and more, Antioch Community High School’s Finesse: Art & Literary Magazine features student-made pieces.


Ashley Lubkeman

Finesse welcomes all forms of art from ACHS students. Submit any pieces to the Finesse Instagram: achs.finesse.

A lesser-known school magazine, Finesse: Art & Literary Magazine, has been a part of Antioch Community High School since 2013, where it began as an addition to students’ schedules. English teacher and advisor of Finesse, Samuel Worden, continues to host the club annually.

“It used to be a class that was similar to yearbook, Tom Tom and our other stuff,” Worden said. “It became a club last year; we meet after school and work on putting together a literary magazine.”

Co-editor and club member Olivia Gerhardt has helped with Finesse for two years and appreciates the impact it has on students.

“It contains artwork that we discuss and talk about, and we put it into something that everybody can enjoy together,” Gerhardt said.

The majority of the magazine hosts poetry, short stories and 2D artwork. However, Finesse appreciates and works to incorporate other styles.

“I love when we get something that’s a little outside the box, things I don’t anticipate,” Worden said.

Gerhardt had a different opinion on what a good piece represents in the magazine.

“When you get someone’s attention within the first sentence, that’s always a good piece of art,” Gerhardt said. “ If you can display your thoughts and feelings [in a way] that I can understand, that makes a good piece.”

Finesse features ACHS students’ most prized pieces of work and forges a connection in the school’s community. Pieces are not allowed to be published anonymously for the purpose of the sincerity of art and the ability to submit the magazine for awards.

“We’ve never done anonymous pieces in the past because we submit to competitions,” Worden said. “We need to be clear that everything is coming from an Antioch student and not from faculty or alumni.”

Currently, Finesse is accepting submissions and will begin the designing process until its publishing date.

“We are hoping to publish before seniors graduate,” Worden said. “Maybe a week before graduation, we will hand it out and submit for competitions somewhere in June.”

Any submission for poetry, short stories, compositions, 3D artwork or 2D artwork is accepted and welcomed for consideration for the 2022 Finesse magazine. Email Worden or send submissions to the Finesse Instagram account: achs.finesse.