Freshman Girls Track and Field Profile: Reese Mercer


When one starts a sport, they may not know how it will change them and their lives. This is exactly what has happened to freshman Reese Mercer. Mercer started track in the sixth grade and has run herself right into her freshman season.

“I had liked running so I thought why not try track,” Mercer said. “It turned out that I really liked it and have been doing it for four years now.”

Coming in as a freshman can be nerve-wracking for anyone, especially coming into a sport where you have to prove yourself to “seasoned veterans.” Mercer is pleased with her teammates so far as they have been cheering her on throughout the season already.

“At my first meet, I was running my event and as I was running by I could hear my teammates cheering me on as I passed by,” Mercer said. “That is what really made me feel like I was apart of the team.”

Mercer loves spending time with her teammates and getting to see those who she doesn’t practice with every day. She also enjoys doing specific things in practice that help her to improve with her speed.

“My favorite practices are when we all run together at the first part of practice,” Mercer said. “I also like going down on the track and doing different distances of sprints and then also working on blocks so it will improve my time.”

Mercer has made good relationships with the coaches that have been with her throughout the season so far. The coaches have truly helped her to improve and to teach her a lot of new things that will benefit her in the long run. Mercer has not only been the one to learn, she has also been the one to lead and encourage others.

“Reese is very skilled in the events that she runs and is a great member of the team,” freshman girls track member Kylee Craig said. “ She has helped me by encouraging me in my events and by giving me advice.”

With the season underway and improvements to be made, Mercer hopes to make herself a better athlete overall.

“I hope to be able to run varsity for some meets and to improve my times in all my events that I do,” Mercer said. “Maybe even making it to sectionals for at least one event.”