Girls Tennis Swings into Action

The Sequoit varsity girls tennis team swings into its final tournament of the year.


Valerie Foote

Girls tennis plays hard at the Spirit of the Northwest Tournament.

On 10/10 the varsity girls tennis team played in the Spirit of the Northwest Tournament. Each team played two to three matches during the tournament but some never got to finish. Antioch did extremely well compared to the other teams in attendance as senior duo Megan Lawrence and Aubryn Corey placed third in the doubles matches.

“I think we played good,” Lawrence said. “In all of our practices leading up to this match we were always on point. Something just clicked with Aubryn and me.” 

Some of the teams that never got to finish earned medals based on their performances in their matches before the bad weather came and halted the tournament. Since one of the matches did not even begin, the two girls who were supposed to play decided to play a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to determine who got to go home with the medal. During the entire tournament, all the teams showed a lot of respect towards each other.

“Respect is kind of automatically given when playing tennis,” senior Piper Foote said. “Tennis is a subtle and classy sport so respect is almost always given. It’s also an important factor when calling lines because one call can change a whole game around.”

Make sure to continue supporting the Sequoit varsity tennis team as they start to close out their season.