Sequoits Travel Over The Illinois Border to Take on Westosha

The Sequoit varsity soccer team scored a big win against the flying Falcons.


The boys varsity soccer team lines up to listen to the national anthem.

While the Westosha Falcons looked to fly away with another win against the Sequoits, the back-and-forth battle between the two resulted in a long-awaited Antioch win against their rivals from north of the border.

On September 17, the boys varsity soccer team went to the home of the Falcons with hopes for a win. Halfway through the first half, junior left wing Brandon Pinto scored the first goal of the game, which was assisted by freshman Remigijus Ivanovas.

“We felt more confident the rest of the game because we had a lead,” junior captain Adam Lynn said. “It was Brandon’s first goal of the season; it brought all of us together and really hyped us up.”

Going into the second half, Pinto and Ivanovas scored two goals quickly within the first five minutes. The first was another shot by Pinto, assisted by freshman Brock Jurinek. The second came from Ivanovas who was assisted by Pinto; however, the Sequoits did not hold the lead for long. Within the next few minutes, the Falcons scored two goals: one from a cross and the other from a breakaway. This evened out the score to 3-3 with only a small amount of time left in the game. Within the final three minutes, senior captain Alex Keeler lined up for a penalty kick and scored, winning the game for the Sequoits 4-3.

The next boys varsity soccer game is away against the Grayslake North Knights at 4:30 p.m. on September 21.