What’s in your Bag: Dance

Dancer Haleigh Zenoni tells us what’s in her bag.


Even as a professional, competitive sports are a difficult task for anyone to handle. Like any athlete, there are items that help an athlete excel in their sport. Those items can make an athlete more comfortable in the events that they will be doing, or they are needed in order to compete. 

For a competitive dancer, it is very important to have everything that they need in their bag. A dancer’s turners are essential for their performance. 

“The most important thing in my bag are probably my turners,” sophomore Haleigh Zenoni said. “One of the most important parts of a routine is the turning sequences and you cannot turn without shoes. Each person’s turners are also fitted to fit their feet and no one else’s.”

Another thing that dancers need is all the things that add to their presentation. They want to get the highest score possible and presentation is one of the ways to do that.

“In my bag I have my competition makeup and hair bag, along with my headpiece,” Zenoni said. “It is important all of those are in my bag because presentation is very important.  Of course we have our costume that we were in our competition routine. We bring headphones or earbuds to competitions to help us warm up and get in our zone and stretch.”

Every dancer needs these to perform at their best and help their team get the highest ranking possible. All these things her in bag help her be the best she can be to leave it all out on the floor.