What’s in Your Bag: Grace Weber


Volleyball is a sport that requires a lot of physicality from each athlete who plays it. Every player has certain things that they need in order to feel comfortable with that physicality when playing. One of the items that an athlete may need is a bag to hold all of their equipment. An athlete may feel as if they need a lot of gear in order to be ready for their game. Senior Grace Weber is the opposite: she does not carry much around with her and she keeps her bag small. 

“In my bag there isn’t that much,” Weber said. “I have my volleyball shoes in order to get good traction on the court. My knee pads are a necessity because when I dive I want to avoid hurting my knees, even if it’s just skimming it on the ground. I obviously carry around my practice clothes for practices after school. I also have some fresheners in order to keep my shoes and knee pads from starting to smell.”

Weber’s bag doesn’t consist of much, but she doesn’t need a lot to help her play at the high level that both she and her coaches hold her to each season.