Girls Volleyball Play Hard at Harvest Christian Academy

The girls varsity volleyball team plays hard at Harvest Christian Academy, despite some issues from the night before.

Bridget Nauman

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Chanting New Traditions
January 24, 2020

The girls get ready to continue the tournament.

The Sequoit varsity volleyball team played a tournament at Harvest Christian Academy yesterday, September 22.

The night before, senior middle, Lillian Regnier, got injured during warmups. Friday night, the Sequoits had to create a new lineup, including freshman Annika Lindstrom, which they have never played with previously. The Sequoits started the tournament struggling and lost their first game against Aurora Christian Academy.

“Starting our first game, we had no momentum from everything that happened the night before,” sophomore Maiah Moll said.

The girls started to figure things out and found their rhythm during the second game. The Sequoits were excited that they pulled out their first win of the day, against Dekalb High School.

“During the second game, the team just worked harder, and more as one unit,” Moll said. “We played like we wanted to win, and fought at every point.”

The varsity team moved into their third game with a record of 1-1. Having lost a game, the highest place the team could get was fifth, but the Sequoits still wanted to fight. They started their third game rough and ended up losing to Oregon High School. For their last match, the team still had a lot of determination in them. The Sequoits played a very strong game and won in two matches against Trinity High School.

“The whole day was a series of ups and downs,” Moll said. “Even though we did a good job playing with a brand new player, it just wasn’t the way we want the tournament to go.”

The girls volleyball team ended the day with a record of 2-2. This was not the ideal ending for the Sequoits but they played strong despite the difficulties from the night before. The team is going to continue to play hard, heading into the rest of the season.