The Future Of Antioch Sports

With sports seasons being shifted and practices being put on hold, this upcoming school year looks different for ACHS athletics.


Bridget Nauman

High school athletes will have to adjust to their new schdules and playing their sports in different climates.

When COVID-19 hindered plans for the entire world, high school athletics faced major changes. Seasons were cut short, practices were put on pause, athletes were required to wear masks, events and games were cancelled. High school sports invested in many changes, but most schools are continuing to strive to make these upcoming seasons successful regardless of the obstacles.


Although athletes have gained time for their new “off-seasons”, many of them are working harder than ever to prepare for their respective sport and season. 


“Until summer football started, I still hit baseballs at least four days of the week,” junior Adam Pankau said. “Now, I am currently playing golf, but I still lift and run every day to keep myself in shape for this upcoming football season.”


Some sports were moved to the summer, causing some high school athletes to work all year long. Although there may be conflicts and bumps in the road to these new schedules, Antioch athletic director Steven Schoenfelder believes the athletes, as well as the parents, have the drive to make this year great. 


If we had to rely on our kids and parents for things to happen, I think this season would run smoothly,” Schoenfelder said. “They have shown since July it means enough to them to do the right things.”


The switched seasons bring new things to look forward to with an athlete’s team. Whether it be the different dynamic of a team, the timing of the new seasons, or the continued drive for competition, the athletic changes will create different memories for each and every athlete. 


“I am most looking forward to just being with my friends again,” senior Madison Merrill said. “We all can’t wait to play the sport we love together.” 


The unknown questions of COVID-19 still linger with some people. High school athletics have adapted to safely accommodate for each team and allow each athlete to still have a season. The new athletic schedules will take time to get used to, but this may continue to be the new normal for high school athletics in the future.