Grades to Gains

After a long day at school, many Antioch Community High School students take advantage of the weight deck to decompress after a long day.


Aubrey Ultsch

Junior James Sheehan using the weightdeck to his benefit.

The weightdeck located right above the north gym tends to be a hotspot for Antioch Community High School athletes after the school day. Most athletes take advantage of this opportunity and use the deck almost every day of the week.

Not only is the weight deck used to get a good pump, but some athletes use it for different reasons. Sophomore Caden Campbell has a few different motives for why he lifts in the deck, especially after the long school day.

“The weightdeck is a place I like to attend because I get very stressed throughout the day,” Campbell said. “The deck serves as my peace place.”

The deck is a location where student-athletes strive to reach their goals. At the end of the day, ACHS athletes will always be teammates; In practice, the athletes are looking to outplay the person next to them. Junior Kellen Brawner knows the extent to which this statement holds true.

“The deck is encouraged to have a better performance, and 90 percent of the guys that use the deck are the ones that play on the big stage,” Brawner said. “I go so I can have a better shot at playing, and improve my overall fitness.”

Beyond the athletic rationale, ACHS athletes use the weightdeck simply for the environment. The deck opens at around 3:30 PM and starts shutting down around 5:30 PM. Junior James Sheehan’s favorite part about the deck is both the energy and camaraderie.

“I love being pushed by the people around me,” Sheehan said. “No matter where you are working out, having people you know around you helps you work harder.”

Aside from working out with friends or teammates, having role models on the deck always helps. Typically the adults monitoring the weightdeck are familiar faces. Usually, either the football or baseball coaches are assisting these athletes.

“Coach Glas, Coach Rios and Coach Munda usually monitor the deck,” Brawner said.

Both the athletes and coaches use the weightdeck, not only as a bonding place, but also as a way to improve themselves. The deck stands to be a positive environment, especially after the long school day.