Honoring America’s Heroes

The annual Veterans’ Day Assembly held at ACHS honors and thanks veterans from all branches of the military.


Jessica Nettgen

Navy Master Chief Kevin Brylski gives the keynote speech at the District 117 Veterans’ Day assembly.

Antioch Community High School held District 117’s annual Veterans’ Day assembly on November 9. Veterans from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard were in attendance and honored for their service and sacrifice to protect the United States of America. The event was emceed by seniors Diana Anghel, Ian Gugel and Joseph Whittall.

“I’m glad that I was one of the people chosen to be an emcee,” Gugel said. “I hope to one day be a veteran myself. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to thank these veterans in any way that I can.”

The assembly began with opening remarks from principal Eric Hamilton and a reading of a letter from Senator Tammy Duckworth by Anghel. In the letter, Duckworth thanked the ACHS faculty for allowing the students to observe the holiday and honor the past and present heroes of the nation.

The band, choir and orchestra performed the Star Spangled Banner with help from sign language club members senior Jena Burton and junior Mirandi McCormick. Student performances also came from seniors Sydney Koslica, who read a poem, and senior Emily Gardner and sophomores Elija Ruano and Molly Adams, who performed a moving tribute.

Donna Corcoran and Mary Gumler produced a multimedia presentation depicting photos of Antioch alumni and relatives of students and faculty who had or are serving in the armed forces.

Among those honored was Lieutenant Colonel Jayna Legg, mother of senior Allison Hoffelder and sophomore Zachary Hoffelder. A. Hoffelder spoke on the importance of Veterans’ Day.

“It’s about honoring people who served and died, their families and what has been sacrificed for the sake of the rest of us,” Hoffelder said.

The keynote speaker of the event was Navy Master Chief Kevin Brylski. Brylski encouraged students to find a passion and to be open to working with others to achieve their aspirations.

Senior Karina Steitz and junior Serena Mielke played a rendition of Taps to honor fallen servicemen and women.

The event closed with a retiring of the colors by Antioch Troop 190 Scouts and some remarks from Hamilton.

Students and faculty from Antioch and all over the nation thank those who gave up so much in order for the nation to be free.

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