How a Zombie Apocalypse Could be Possible

The idea of a zombie apocalypse has been seen in many different forms of media, such as popular TV shows, books and movies. But what if there was the possibility of a real zombie apocalypse actually happening?

A zombie apocalypse would destroy our modern society within months or even weeks. One way this could happen would be by brain parasites. Brain parasites are parasites that eat at the brain and can leave infections in the spinal cord and/or brain stem, like neurocysticercosis. Brain parasites could possibly cause the host to have little to no conscious thought about their actions, if the case gets that severe.

“Theoretically, I would assume that brain parasites could be a possible cause of a zombie apocalypse, but I doubt it would happen, especially not anytime soon,” senior Adrian Blue said.

Another way a zombie apocalypse could be possible would be by neurogenesis. Stem cells would be used to regenerate dead cells, and this kind of medical technology could be used on a dead brain to revive patients. Some hospitals already have the ability to regrow brains of comatose head trauma victims. This could essentially cause mass reanimation and produce a zombie army.

In reality, it is very unlikely that a zombie apocalypse will occur, but some people do believe that it could.

“I think [a zombie apocalypse] could happen,” junior Tommy Cerney said. “I am not sure when, but there are so many possible ways it could occur. We do so many experiments in labs using things such as stem cells, or even viruses, that something could possibly go very wrong and cause a zombie apocalypse.” 

Whether or not an apocalypse caused by flesh-eating monsters is right around the corner or not, chances are there is not much to worry about for now.