Artificial Intelligence Takeover

It is predicted that within the next ten years most common jobs will be taken over by artificial intelligence, but what can be done about it?

Jayme Bailey

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Smartphones, self driving cars and robots have all been making a big appearance in the last five years. They have also made a big impact in the job industry and jobs have been slowly taken over by this advanced technology. Jobs such as driving taxis, factory work and even receptionists can all replaced by technology for a smaller cost to companies. They do not have to pay a robot or a machine by the hour;  businesses only have to account for the initial cost of this technology.  

Technology is vastly improving and many are wondering what kind of jobs can be taken from humanity next. Some fast food companies are slowing switching to computer cashiers in restaurants, and even in some fast food chains. McDonald’s has been one of the first food chains to take this step. In some restaurants across the U.S., McDonald’s has added self-service kiosks. In the kiosk, customers can order and pay for their meal This helps not only cut cost for the food chain, but also promotes faster and more efficient customer service, with food coming out fast and with more accurate orders.  

Not only do we see employees replaced in the food industry, but in many other occupations of our modern society as well. In occupations such as accounting, artificial intelligence is not only a cheaper option, but a safer one. Robots are far less likely to miscout money, take less time and are more efficient compared to their human counterparts.

Technology will always be changing and time can only tell how advanced it will become and what it has in store.