Shoe Holder Hacks

Learn how to turn a shoe holder into an early morning helper.

Everyone knows that mornings can be a drag. It is difficult enough to wake up in the early morning, so when it comes to getting dressed, putting on makeup and finding car keys, the morning can just be unbearable. For those who suffer from this morning dilemma, there is a way to keep all necessary morning items in one place. The helpful item that people are searching for is a shoe holder.

While shoe is in the name, that does not mean that it just has to hold shoes. It can hold many different items such as makeup brushes, body spray, hats, keys, headphones, cords and much more. And if needed, it can still be used for its intended purpose: to hold someone’s everyday pair of shoes.

“You can buy (or DIY) a hanging organizer, to keep all of your stuff,” writer Heather Cichowski from The Gloss said. “This could be used almost anywhere, including the back of a chair.” 

This item is a great way to save space in a person’s closet, and in addition, keep everything together to make the mornings less of a struggle.

“I would definitely use it because it’s a nice helper for limited space,” senior Rebecca Cleven said.

And depending on the season, it makes it very easy to switch out shoes, body sprays and other accessories to fit the current weather forecast. In the end, this is a great item to use to make the mornings a little less hectic. 

“I feel like it would be easier, because then I’m not looking for everything for an hour,” senior Karina Andrzejewski said.