Sub Sandwich Adopts An Italian Twist

While many people have tried the typical sub sandwich, Potbelly tries something different and combines two popular food choices into one.

Sub sandwiches are a classic meal. Turkey, ham, roast beef and more meats combined with an assortment of vegetables is the ultimate combination. One combo that goes far from an ordinary sub sandwich is the pizza sub at Potbelly Sandwich Works.

Potbelly is a hot sub shop where they heat the meat right in front of the customer, and once it comes out of the oven, the customer can add on any additional toppings they desire.

For the pizza sub, one of the restaurant’s fan favorites, there is not really much else that is needed be added. The sub comes with pepperoni, meatballs, mushrooms, marinara sauce, melted provolone cheese and Italian seasoning. Overall all the ingredients consisting of similar toppings to a pizza.

The sandwich was just hot enough to not burn the roof of the mouth with the first bite. The pepperoni and meatballs had a beautiful tangy flavor, especially when mixed with the seasoning. The marinara sauce had a savory taste, and prevented the sub from being too dry along with taming the strong flavor of the mushrooms. In addition, the creamy taste of the melted provolone cheese mixed in with the meat and sauce really tied the whole experience together.

“I like the fact that it is like a hand held pizza,” senior Quinton Heney said.

To top it all off, the sandwich is an interesting new twist of a combo starring two popular choices of food that altogether come to make a delicious savory sub sandwich. 

“The most appetizing part has to be that it is two popular foods mixed together,” senior Gabby Wolske said.