Where to Find The Right Case For Your Phone

Stores where people can find the right phone case for them.

Chloe Moritz

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April 24, 2017

Cell phones have become a huge factor in people’s lives, and those phones often have a case to match. Whether it be for looks or protection, most phones are accessorized with a case, and finding the right one is not as easy as it seems. When looking for the perfect case, here are a few places to keep in mind.

Places that often have many cases to choose from are Best Buy and Walmart. Best Buy has an extensive section dedicated to phone cases. Walmart has a more limited selection of cases. Often times, the cases these stores usually have on the shelves are for the newer editions of phones. These range from the iPhone 6s and 7s to Samsung Galaxies and Notes. Though for those who have an older edition, it might be hard to find a case in stock at these stores.

“I use Otter Boxes, so I typically get them from the Apple Store or Best Buy,” senior Kara Wolf said.

More places where people can find a phone case is at a local mall. Malls typically have kiosks which display countless different phone cases. They are more likely to be stocked with cases for older renditions of phones, plus there are more creative cases to choose from. This could include sequin cases, gel cases and so much more. The one negative drawback about purchasing a case from the mall kiosks is that they are often more expensive. Since there is more of a variety to choose from, they typically make their prices higher.

If none of these places end up having the right phone case, there is always online shopping. There are many computer stores online that allow people to customize a phone case that fits them. People can design it themselves, using favorite photos or textures, and then can have it specially fitted for their type of phone.

“I get mine off of Amazon, because I feel they have a wider variety,” senior Aubrey Herbon said. 

This is a popular option among many.

“I usually get my cases off Amazon,” senior Warren Sundt said. “It’s the cheapest way to get a good quality phone case.”

So when trying to find a new phone case, check out these few places–hopefully the right case will be there waiting.