Tying Loose Cords

Just by using square and cable ties, all the struggles of loose cords just disappear.

Cords and wires have become more and more prevalent as smartphones, laptops, and other mobile devices have become prevalent. These items tend to tangle and become confusing, but there are a few solutions to this common problem.

“If you want something smaller and better-looking than your label maker or masking tape and marker can produce, identify your plugs with a $6 set of previously mentioned ID PILOT Identification Labels,” writer Gina Trapani of LifeHacker said. “Each sticker is small and round and displays a photo of the gadget the plug’s connected to.”

In addition, another way to keep cords organized is using cable ties. With cable ties, it makes it easier to shorten lengthy cords by overlapping them and and tightly tying them together. Not only that, but if certain cords are used for the same purpose, tying them together and labeling them will make it easier to tell the difference in use of cords.

“I would use these tips because they are simple and easy to do,” junior Jonathan Guerrero said.

“I would definitely try this becomes the items are easy to find, and it is really easy to do,” senior Kayla Spera said.

Overall, ties are the way to go when it comes to keeping cables together and out of the way.