How to Organize a Planner

Sometimes it is hard to organize a planner effectively, but with these tips, filling out a planner will be a breeze.

After a long day at school, it can be hard to remember all the homework that was received in each class. Plus, a typical student may have to make sure they pick up the check from working late last night, finish cleaning the bathroom and go to musical practice until 4:00 p.m. All this info can make someone’s head spin, but with a simple daily planner, planning out the week will be easy as can be.

First, it is best to separate the days into different sections. For example, one part is for school, another for things needed to complete at home and the last for any other important events. This way, it is easier to determine what needs to be done for school and done at home.

“I write down the things I need to have done the next day, rather than what to do that day,” senior Sophia Ruiz said.

Next, in each section try separating them even further, such as writing down homework received in classes. This way, figuring out whether there was homework in a particular class will become less of a hassle and easier to remember.

If the planner is lacking in a little creativity, try using colored pens to liven up the pages.

“I stuck with the same color-coding system that I’ve been using for years: pink: school, purple: personal, blue: social, green: work, orange: writing, gray: goals,” writer Kristen Horton from Organized Charm said.

“I typically use the calendar portion of my planner and depending on what I have to do, I will write it in a different color,” senior Emma Miller said.

And if that is not enough, feel free to doodle pictures relating to class or an event so that way it will be easy to remember. These simple steps will make planning out an average week easy and efficient.