Weekly Coloring Page: Some Sharp Art

This unicorn coloring page is sure to bring out the seven year-old within.

Jessica Lamberty

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Although there are many occurrences of the unicorn throughout history, no such beast has ever been photographed or caught. However, the unicorn myth which originated in biblical times has continued to cross the imaginations of generation after generation.

Each culture has their own image of what the unicorn looks like. For instance, Korea and China view the unicorn as a horned beast with elephant feet, a boar head and tail, and a horse body. The English version portrays an elegant white horse with feathery feet and a flowing mane adorning a horned horse.

The coloring page displays the English version of the unicorn, however it has a modern touch with its striped body and detailed mane. While coloring this piece, envision a new model for the unicorn. It can be any color, size and shape; after all, no one knows for sure what one looks like.

Junior Valerie Pokorny shared their favorite designs for her unicorn piece.

“I used to draw a lot of Mandalas designs, but now I just enjoy sketching sometimes,” Pokorny said.

Senior Anthony Farino shared his opinion on coloring in general.

“I like coloring because of how it calms the mind in a stressful situation and helps people get through life in general,” Farino said.
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