Everything to Know About iPhone 8 (Update)

The iPhone 8 release is anticipated to be in a couple of months. All the leaks and rumors are spilling out, and here is what new features and designs might be included in the newest iPhone release.

Jayme Bailey

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The release of the iPhone 8 will be in the fall of 2017, and likely in September. The screen of the iPhone 8 will likely have an edge to edge design. This means that there will be no physical home button if this screen design is confirmed. Some say that the screen will be made out a material similar to plexiglas, so it might be shatterproof, but this is one of the most far fetched rumors that have surfaced.

Apple will be adding some of its original features from previous iPhones, including the two models: the plus and regular sizes. Also, the 3.5mm headphone jack will remain removed, but the iPhone 8 should come with lightning cable headphones. Water resistance will be another returning feature, but might be improved by being able to be submerged in ten feet instead of the original three feet.

Internal features will also hopefully be added, such as a “L” shaped stacking battery. This battery will have about a 30 percent life increase, adding about two hours to the phone’s battery life. The one rumor many hope is true is that Apple will introduce wireless charging.

No one knows for sure what the iPhone 8 will officially look like or what features it will include, but many are excited to find out.