Shark Tank Physics

Room 225 takes a new twist on teaching physics in a fun and inventive way.

This past week, physics teacher Vasilij Acic challenged his students to invent a new creation while keeping electromagnetism in mind. This was not any old project: this project was Shark Tank-themed.

Shark Tank is a popular TV show that shows inexperienced inventors trying to get their product finally launched with the help of some successful entrepreneurs.

Not only were students involved, but some teachers got to participate as the “sharks.”

“It was a really fun interacting with students in a different way and to be apart of this experience,” math teacher Jake House said. “More teachers should come up with projects like this for classes to get their students really excited and involved in the learning.”

The activity showed off freshmen physics student’s creative ideas. Some of the inventions included an automatic ice cream scooper, a hover board and a even a machine that would help prevent bullying.

Acic made up this idea on a whim trying to come up with something different so his students can really take part in the mechanics of physics, rather than just teaching them the basics of topics like electromagnetism.    

“I would just like to say thank you to the teachers and students who really made this project come alive,” Acic said.

Hopefully we see more assignments like this circulating through classes to get our students more involved in their studies.