How To Keep A Healthy Arm

Having a strong arm is important for any baseball player.

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When doing one activity for hours on end, it’s common to become tired and sore. During a sport like baseball, throwing a ball is the majority of the sport. It is always important for athletes to keep their arm healthy and to not strain it in any way. If an athlete focuses on keeping their arm healthy, the risk of injury will decrease.

“I usually ice everyday after practice to prevent anything bad from happening to my arm,” junior Connor Szwajkowski said.

Here are some steps to do before and after throwing some balls:

  1. Warm up your arm; it is never good to throw when you arm is cold and not stretched out.
  2. Do some stretches; stretch your arm in any way that will make it a little more loose, throwing a ball with a tight arm can be dangerous.
  3. Do a couple of practice throws; do not start with throwing the ball super far and hard, start with throwing the ball to a partner that is not too far away.
  4. Icing your arm after practice; icing will will help decrease pain and muscle spasms.