JV Profile: Miranda Karellas

The new face on the field; Miranda Karellas’ first year playing soccer looks to be a good one.

Steffanie Richardson

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It isn’t typical for a junior in high school to try out for a sport that they have never played before. However,  Miranda Karellas is defying those odds. This is Karellas’ first year ever playing soccer; so far she is exceptional (at what she knows). Varsity goalkeeper and University of Iowa commit Monica Wilhelm tried to help Karellas learn as many rules as possible.

“Trying out for a new sport is nothing easy,” Karellas said. “At tryouts, I knew nothing about soccer, I didn’t even know how to dribble. But I didn’t let that bring me down, I still tried my hardest, and I think I did pretty good.”

This year for soccer there is Varsity, JV1 and JV2. Karellas made the JV1 level and is playing center-mid. So far, Karellas has been practicing every day and is doing her very best at everything that she knows.

Karellas is learning the rules of how to play soccer very fast. By being involved with cheerleading during the fall and winter season, Karellas knows how to take corrections and is very teachable. This is Karellas’ third year being a three sport athlete; for the past two years she was a part of the track team but decided to try out for the soccer team this year.

Karellas is defying the odds by trying out things that are new to her.