It’s All About Pride

Antioch and Lakes Eagles go toe-to-toe in annual Pigskin Classic game.

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Nathan Borries

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It’s All About Pride

Nathan Kordas and Kendric Henderson

LAKES-FOOTBALL_WESTONFOX-PRE-ENDZONE_LINCO LAKES-FOOTBALL_OFFENSE_LINCO LAKES-FOOTBALL_WESTON-FOX_LINCO LAKES-FOOTBALL_LINCO_DEFENSE LAKES-FOOTBALL_LINCOThe crowd roared with excitement as the Antioch varsity football players took the field with determination and pride on a crisp October, Friday night. Dressed in black and pink, the team looked to secure a division title with the support of the Cardinal Crazies, cheerleaders, dance team and band behind them. The Sequoits biggest rivals, Lakes Community High School, warmed up on the opposite side of the field. As the game kicked off, there was a nearly immediate touchdown from the Eagles, starting the game off 7-0. But that didn’t put the Sequoits down as Griffin Hill scored a touchdown in the second quarter. A failed two-point conversion left the Eagles still up, 7-6. Unfortunately, in the third quarter, while the Eagles were winning, 13-6, Hill was injured and had to sit out for the rest of the game.

“Personally, I feel like our defense played their best yet so far in this season during the first half, but, don’t get me wrong, our offense was doing a great job driving the ball down the field. We just couldn’t execute when it came down to scoring,” said ACHS varsity football player Nick Andre. “We made simple mistakes that should have not been made but we plan on correcting our mistakes in every way possible this week and have a great next game and play hard and smart in the playoffs.”

Come watch the Sequoits on Oct. 24, away as they are planning for a victory agains the Wauconda Bulldogs. Students are encouraged to take the fan bus to the game.

Hill, a key player to the Sequoit offense, will be sitting out of the upcoming game due to the injury he incurred during the Lakes game.