Jaden Smith: Newest Female Clothing Model

A photo posted on Instagram by Christiain Grey reveals Jaden Smith wearing female clothing for Louis Vuitton’s newest line.


Bruce Weber


Most recently, women and men’s clothing are merging and more gender-neutral trends are available. Women are wearing “manly” jackets and jeans, men are sporting tighter tees and vibrant colors. This gender collision also follows the political and social issues surrounding the full introduction of transgenderism, not to forget Cait Jenner, as well as the debate over gender identity.

Serena Chapa, a senior at ACHS, said, “It opens up the door for more gender neutral clothing and it breaks down the gender roles that ‘men can’t wear skirts’. It is a big statement in today’s social justice revolution.”

Jaden Smith is an avid social advocate for change and acceptance, especially at the young age of seventeen. Known for his “debatable” tweets and posts, Smith has become a notable figure on the internet. Smith recently modeled with Louis Vuitton for their latest cover and fashion line. Although it is not unusual for male models to be in the industry or for males to display feminine inspired prints and colors, Smith universally changed the social status by dressing in women clothing: a skirt and blouse.

Another senior, Darien Shatley, thought, “I think it’s great that he did this because it demonstrates trying to break down gender roles, starting with something like certain pieces and styles of fabric that anyone who wants to wear it can. I think he has a lot of confidence to be dressed like that knowing he will probably be ridiculed by many people.”

Overall, Smith’s actions have impacted social media and the fashion industry on a large scale because of his relevancy as a celebrity. Whether the response is positive or negative, Smith continues to make people think and to question the norms of today.