Lady Sequoits Basketball Win Against Richmond Burton

The Sequoits pull off a close win against the Rockets.

On Wednesday January 16, the Antioch girls varsity basketball team took on Richmond-Burton on their home court. The Sequoits took their time to warm-up and stretch out well before the game started in order to assure that no one would get injured. Collectively, the team was looking forward to the game and looked to come out with a win.

“As a team, we were pretty hyped up for the game and we wanted to win,” junior Samantha Brown said.

The Sequoits started off strong in the first quarter, scoring 13 points compared to the Rockets’ seven. However, throughout the second quarter, the Sequoits started to give up more points while still holding on to their lead, ending the first half with a score of 26-23.

Going into the second half, the Sequoits let go of their lead for a short amount of time but they pulled themselves together quickly and ended the third quarter still in the lead with a score of 36-34. In the final quarter of the game, the team came together and raised the score gap to six points, ending the game winning with a score of 47-41.

“We started out strong in the first quarter due to our positive energy, but as the game went on we didn’t play well as a team so we were really frustrated,” Brown said. “We got the win in the end though and are really looking forward to our next game.”

Come support the girls varsity basketball team in their next game at home on Thursday January 18 against the Wauconda Bulldogs.